Q&A With Sam Wolling

bloglogoSam Wolling with Prospect Mortgage took time to answer questions for the NMLS Annual Conference Live Blog.

NMLS Live Blog: What value do you get out of NMLS?
Wolling: The value of NMLS is enormous from an industry user perspective.  One uniform system of record for multiple jurisdictions has completely reshaped the mortgage industry and has provided not only a formal communication platform between industry and regulators, but it has facilitated a robust license verification process through the NMLS Consumer Access web page.  Having used NMLS since its inception five years ago, it is so amazing to see where it has come but, even more importantly, where NMLS is going.

NMLS Live Blog: What improvements would you like to see to NMLS?
Wolling: The enhancements that I am eagerly awaiting are the advanced change notification, which will most assuredly help licensees with a process to notify regulators of changes.

NMLS Live Blog: Has this conference been constructive and educational?  What would you like to see added to the program?
Wolling: The educational value of these conferences is enormous: to have a venue where we have a conversation between industry and state and federal regulators about best practices and how to facilitate the implementation of new processes is what makes the NMLS Annual Conference unique and so special.  This conference is certainly one I look forward to attending each year.  Also, it’s been fun to see the growth and the difference the System has made for this industry and for one user: me.

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